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Top Best Android Photo Editing Application 2020

In this article we will share best photo editing application that you can install on your Android smartphone to edit captured or shared photos. In this modern selfie world photo are one of the effective ways to catch someone’s attention.
Best Android Photo Editing Application 2020

If you are having photo editing application provides us the exceptional option if you love clicking moments of your lives.

You can capture a photo using your Android smartphone, but to buff it you require a photo editing application, so that if when you upload the image to your social networking sites you have more likes.
So we are going to list out the best 5 Photo Editing Application for Android users based on their preferences so that you can go one after the other.

Best Android Photo Editing Application 2020 


Snapseed is a complete Free editing application which comes with editing features like tune, crop, rotate, heal and vignette, removing spots, HDR, blur the background or double exposure, etc.

Best Android Photo Editing Application 2020
Best thing that attract the users is that you can edit the image and undo any changes made in the image anytime. Snapped also provide faster processing of all media file formats.


TouchRetouch is a complete photo editing application that offers all the tools to remove unwanted content from the photo captured from your smartphone or shared.

Best Android Photo Editing Application 2020
This application is some additional features like Clone stamp, before/after button, Undo/Redo and rich exporting functionality. This is the first application that provides users the option for single-touch line removal and removing small imperfections from your photos by just tapping them.


FACETUNE will be one of the best photo editing application for selfie lovers, users will have the option to remove blemishes, dark circles, brighten teeth, Face reshape, blur the background, add textures, add natural makeup and so so, so much more to any of the photos that you’ve taken on your smartphone.

Best Android Photo Editing Application 2020
It’s available for both Android and iOS users with a user friendly interface. There are two versions of Facetune which is Facetune 1 (Free Version) and Facetune 2 (Paid Version).

4.Adobe Photoshop Express​​​​​​​

This is also one of the best photo editing application for the smartphone for 2019 with a very simple user interface which makes it more intuitive and easy to use with your smartphone device.

Users will have the option to contrast, and exposure, remove the dirt/spots, add frames, /borders or even text for the images captured or shared.


VSCO will be the best photo editing application, mostly for professional photographers because of its editing features and effects.

Best Android Photo Editing Application 2020
Users will have the tools to include white balance, shadows, highlights, exposure, crops/skews, quickly amend skin tones, add grain, experiment with vignettes, etc. and it continues to improve and update.

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