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Airtel Free Browsing Cheat For March & April 2019

Airtel Free Browsing Cheat For March & April 2019

guys I will like to introduce you to the latest Airtel free browsing cheat in town. This is a data reversal trick that works on all your devices, including Android, iOS and your PC or Laptop. The cheat doesn’t require any configuration file or VPN to power it. Just follow the steps I am about to give, and enjoy this amazing internet trick.

How Airtel Data Reversal Works?

Like I said, this cheat is powered by a recently launched offer, called Airtel Data Reversal. The offer allows customers to reverse an already purchased data plan, if they so wish or they accidentally purchased the wrong one. What this means is that, you are allowed to cancel any data plan you buy and your money will be returned to you and the data goes back to Airtel.
Let’s take, for instance, you buy a 1.5GB data plan for N1000. If you wish to subscribe to a bigger or small data plan, the already purchased plan can be cancelled and you will get your airtime back. The data allocated will be returned and then you can re-subscribe to a better plan of your choice.


  • A new 3G or 4G SIM card
  • Your Phone or Working Modern
NOTE: The SIM could be eligable for Airtel Double or Triple Data offer.

How To Enjoy The New Airtel Data Reversal Free Browsing Cheat 2019

To get the latest Airtel free browsing cheat, simply subscribe to any of your desired data plan by dialing *141*Amount#. Wait for the response that shows that your double or triple data also well as your purchased data. Then use only, the bonus data to browse or download on your preferred device. Make sure you don’t use up the bonus data so Airtel doesn’t charge you from the purchased data.
After 24hrs, just dial *121*6# to reverse the data plan. You will be credited with your airtime, and the data will be returned back to Airtel. You can repeat the process again and again to enjoy unlimited access.
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