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How To Get Free 4GB Data On Airtel

This free 4GB data from airtel requires no VPN or any tunneling app, in fact the free 4GB data is officially from the ISP ‘Airtel’, and is allocated to customers with a 4G/LTE enabled smartphone, lets detail how you can get free 4GB from airtel
How To Get Free 4GB Data On Airtel

1~ A 4G LTE enabled smartphone
2~ A new Airtel Nigeria 4G sim card

3- Adhering to the instructions below

➽How To Get Free 4GB Data On Airtel

To receive free 4GB data from Airtel you need to own a 4G/LTE network-enabled android smartphone, then head to any Airtel outlet and purchase an Airtel 4G sim

card, register the sim card, Now insert the new 4G sim card on your smartphone, then go to your phone settings, select connectivity, then mobile network now checks if the preferred network is set to 4G if it’s not then set it to 4G. At this point a welcome message will be sent from Airtel, followed by a congratulatory message
containing your free  4GB data

To check your free data balance dial *140#, note that this free data can be used only on 4G/LTE enabled smartphones, the Airtel Free 4GB data is valid for 7 days

To get more 4GB free data you should purchase new Airtel 4G sim card, then repeat the instructions above, the more 4G airtel sim you have the more you receive

the free 4GB data.

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