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YouTube Live plans for 9mobile, MTN, Glo AND Airtel [2019/20]

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YouTube Live stream is an easy way to reach your audience in real time. Whether you’re streaming a video game, hosting a live Q&A, or teaching a class, google tools will help you manage your stream and interact with viewers in real time.
YouTube Live plans for 9mobile, MTN, Glo AND Airtel [2019/20]

This include Webcam: Live streaming via webcam is an easy way to go live without the need for an encoder. Start streaming from your laptop/desktop computer using your webcam.

    Mobile: Streaming on mobile lets you stream from the YouTube app. Note: to be able to live stream on mobile, you need to have at least 1,000 subscribers In Nigeria Streaming videos on YouTube is undoubtedly enjoyable but it could also be data consuming. YouTube offers by each of the major Nigerian network providers are great ways to save a lot of costs while streaming your favorite videos.

    Etisalat streaming bundle

    9mobile streaming pak 9mobile 1GB for 200: It is available for all sim card and all devices. Meanwhile, the plan is NOT monthly plan but the validity period is three (3) days. The good news there is that, once it expire, you immediately re-activate it again.
    9Mobile 5GB for N1k: To me, this is one of the best, getting the 5GB for 1k for 15 days, then calculating it, 10GB for 2k in 30days! That is great news

    How to check 9mobile streaming package

    9mobile video streaming bundle There is no much steps attached to it as it is officially from the company. All you have to do is to simply dial *929*10# to get activated and dial *228# for data balance.
    It works for all devices including Android Smartphone, Symbians Phones, Blackberry and yes, it is also good for Laptops, PC or Windows.
    Addtionally, 9mobile offers unlimited video streaming, not limited to youtube, with 9mobile video paks valid for 2 hrs, 3 hrs or 7 hrs which cost N400, N500 or N1000

    Airtel youtube streaming pack 

    Airtel offers basically three YouTube offers namely: Airtel YouTube-Plus Pack, YouTube Weekly & Monthly Packs, and YouTube-Night Packs.
    Airtel YouTube Plus is a standard data plan that allows you to stream YouTube videos all night from 1 am to 5 am. The YouTube Plus is of four types namely: YouTube Plus 1.0, YouTube Plus 2.0, YouTube Plus 3.0, YouTube Plus 4.0, YouTube Plus 5.0 and you can subscribe by dialing *323# and selecting the option that suits your need. You can also subscribe by dialing the direct activation code as shown below.
    The YouTube Weekly & Monthly Packs allow you to stream videos throughout the day and night. The YouTube Weekly costs N300 and is valid for 7 days with a data allowance of 300MB. You can activate the plan by dialing *323#. The YouTube monthly is valid for 30 days, costs N400, has a 600MB data allowance, and can be activated by dialing *323*11#.
    The YouTube night packs are very similar to the Weekly & Monthly packs. The Night Weekly costs N150, is valid for 7 days, has data volume of 300MB, and can be activated by dialing *323*22#. Similarly, the Night Monthly costs N200, is valid for 30 days, has data volume of 600MB, and can be activated by dialing *323*21#.

    Mtn youtube plan 2020

    MTN offers two major YouTube streaming packs: the 1hr YouTube pack and the 3hrs YouTube pack.
    Just as its name implies, you can stream YouTube video for 1hr with the 1hr YouTube pack and it is valid for 24 hrs. The YouTube pack costs N150 and has a data volume of 750MB. You can activate this YouTube pack by texting VP1 to 131.
    The 3hr YouTube pack can be used to stream YouTube videos for 3hrs and it is valid for 24hrs. It costs N400 and has a data volume of 2.25GB. You can activate it by texting VP3 to 131.
    You can easily check your MTN YouTube streaming data balance and you can do so simply by dialing *559*18#.

    Glo free youtube streaming

    glo free youtube plan Unlike MTN, Glo customers can begin enjoying YouTube offers once they buy Glo data plans of N500 and above.
    With the YouTube offers, you can stream YouTube videos from 1:00 am to 5:30 am. The offer is auto-renewed once you renew your data plan with Glo data of N500 and above.
    Glo YouTube offer is capped at 2.5GB. Customers are awarded extra YouTube 2.5GB for recharging any Glo data plan above N500.
    Customers who buy data plans of N500 and above will get YOUTUBE Free Night Browsing capped at 2.5GB between the hours of 1.00am to 5.30am, subject to the validity of attached data plans.
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