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How to block unknown number on Android and iOS 13

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How to block a number in  Android
With the All New, iOS 13, users will now be able to easily block calls from Unknown Numbers on their iPhones! Here, in NIGERIA 🇳🇬 , we have a huge spam call problem and anyone who has a SIM card in Nigeria probably gets a few unsolicited calls from people trying to sell off their products and services.

The most common calls and most irritating calls are what we receive from the Number Starting with 140___. And, if we block it, they start calling from other numbers.{starting with 140}

If you’ve faced this issue, you’ll be happy to know about a new iOS 13 feature that allows you to block all unknown callers in one fell swoop. Yes, this iOS 13 feature silences calls from all unknown numbers. It’s an extreme option but one that may help you a lot if pesky telemarketers call you over and over again.
It’s also fair to acknowledge that this method won’t be ideal for everyone. For instance, if you’re waiting on a job offer or expecting important calls from unknown numbers, this method is not for you. However, if you are sick and tired of unsolicited phone calls, read on.

How to block calls from unknown numbers on your iPhone13

Follow these steps on how you can block unwanted spam calls on your iPhone running iOS 13:
1. Head Over to Settings app on your iPhone
2. Go to the Option ‘Phone’
3. Over Here, Scroll down to Call Silencing and Blocked Contacts.
4. Under this, Enable Silence Unknown Callers!
Now, its as Simple as That! And Boom! No More Irritating Calls!

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