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How to Flash/Call Any Number Using Airtel Without Airtime [Free Of Charge]

Hello guys new trick how to Flash Any Network in Nigeria. Ever run out of airtime in a difficult situation or at night when you can’t go out to get airtime, are you kind of broke and you want to make an important call, but due to low airtime balance, you can’t reach the person. Even when you try borrowing airtime, you find out you aren’t eligible to borrow, finally, there’s a simple trick for you.
 How to Flash/Call Any Number Using Airtel Without Airtime [Free Of Charge]

Today am going to be revealing to you How to flash anybody or any network without having any Airtime on your phone. Work well with Airtel sim

Currently, this trick only works on Airtel sims. With this trick, you can flash any network in Nigeria without having airtime or credit on your Airtel line.

How To Flash Any Number Without Airtime Using Your Airtel Sim

> Go to your phone dialer app

> Type ** before you type the number
> add ** at the beginning of the number. E.g; **09012345678

> Lastly, call the number. It will quickly disconnect and then ring once at the receiver’s end.

> Note that your airtime won’t be touched even if you have some in your balance.

You can repeat it to keep flashing the person. You can also use the above steps to flash another network number from your Airtel line.

This trick currently works on all airtel sim without any limit.

How To Flash Anybody Without Airtime Onyour  Phone In 2 Steps 

Step 1: Copy the Persons phone number to somewhere else, let’s say on paper or memorize it.

Step 2: Dial in this code following the exact format **Person’s Number.

For example, let’s say I wanted to flash 08102525510, all I would do is dial **09012345678 and that’s it, the phone would ring and the person your calling would see a missed call notification.

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