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Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat 2020 [New Working Method]

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Hello guys HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎊 Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Working Tutorial. This Browsing Trick is still working as of the time it works unlimited for browsing, downloading, streaming or even socializing with family or friends.
Glo Unlimited  Free Browsing Cheat 2020 [New Working Method]

After sharing the cheat, some users complained of the cheat not working, while the other had difficulty in activating it. This post is shared as an update and comes with the latest working and simpler method.

Now, this method 2 works very fast and it is only done once weekly if you followed the tutorial properly. What I mean is that some people might try it but not carefully by missing a step, once that happens, the Glo free browsing will not work and you'll have to redo it again. The second method is a bit similar to the previous one, you need two Glo Sim to enjoy this, but you can enjoy the unlimited browsing on multiple sims if you have more than just 2, this is where data sharing comes in. So as always, the requirement first before the procedure, if your device or accessories e.g SIM, Network, Tariff Plan doesn't meet these, don't bother trying it or it will not work for you. So without much talks, Webloaded has shared the tutorial free below;

You, need Your Phone (Android or iOS)
2 Glo Sim Cards (1 on Glo Yakata and the second on the Glo New Yakata Tariff)
A stable 3G or 4G connection in your area for maximum enjoyment of the cheat.
Get yourself a N100 Airtime Recharge

How To Activate The New Glo 0.0kb Unlimited Free Browsing 2020 
First and foremost, you need to migrate to the Old Glo Yakata (Not the New Yakata) on your main Sim by dialling *230# and confirm your plan by dialling #100#.
After that, recharge the main SIM you want to share data with N100 Airtime.
After Successful recharge you should receive 40MB data bonus, you can view bonus by dialling *127*0#.
Once you have confirmed the data bonus, simply share data to the new SIM by dialling ∗127∗01∗number#.
After sharing, simply turn on your data on your second Glo SIM and enjoy your unlimited access to free browsing

any missed step or mistake means it will not work.
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  1. Won't we need to wait for 2hrs anymore.

    1. Sir i tried doing it now it didnt work. After exsuting 50mb it stopped and i a message saying my shared sub have expired. Just wondering if it's still working

  2. Compliment of the season....happy new year... I try to change to old yakata with the code but was unable to change...the 2 sims are new yakata...wat can i do to change one to old yakata?...

    1. Use the new yakata to subscribe and share to other sim

  3. While "old yakata" is called "glo_yakata"

  4. Nothing like new yakata

    New yakata is originally called "YAKATA" we just call it new yakata becaUse it came after "Glo_Yakata"

    1. Bro can you share with me,do you have a Whatsapp group?

  5. After the first 100 naira
    How do I resubscribed??

    1. Follow the some steps you submitted before...

    2. Do I migrate back to bounce & then migrate to yakata again? Pls explain cos after the 1st 7 days it ceased to browse unlimited.

  6. It stopped working this morning

  7. Mine stopped working this morning too

  8. Is it still working.....mine stopped this morning

  9. Have been blazing it since, just stopped this morning.

  10. bros... The tin vex me, i no even too enjoy am sef. Stopped working this morning, i wonder how they discovered it. i know say boiz don really use d tin wella.

  11. chai... E cut dis morning

  12. Mine stopped working dis morning I tried it again dis evening it didn’t work

  13. Omo i blaze this cheat well ,i update my system and their drivers , download games of 32fb ,devil may cry 5, make another come out na 😂

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