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How To Fix Avast UI Failed To Load Error In Windows

If you’ve been using the Windows operating system for a while, then you may well be aware of the platform’s security flaws. Recently, there have been numerous reports from users claiming that they face the Avast UI failed to load error on their computers when they attempted to run the antivirus software.
How To Fix Avast UI Failed To Load Error In Windows

Since upgrading Avast all this happened when you restarted your machine and tried to launch Avast. However, when this error comes to the surface it prevents the entire program from running and this can be attributable to the incorrect Windows Services configuration and if it doesn’t help exiting or restarting the antivirus software, here’s how you can patch it so that Avast UI opens without having any issues.

Steps to Fix Avast UI Failed To Load Error
-First of all make sure you are logged in to the windows as the Administrator.
-Now go to the Start option and then click on Run or else just press Windows + R button.
-In the run windows type service.MSC and then click on OK.
-The Services menu will be opened and in the options of the services search for Terminal Server and then select Properties.
-Now you will be redirected at the General Tab and then you have to click on Menu which is in the drop-down list next to the Startup Type.
-Then select Automatic and you have to save the changes you have made by clicking on Apply.
-Now in the same section of services search and right-click on Background Intelligent Transfer Services and then select Properties and then follow the similar above 5 steps to save this as Automatic.
Now you just have to restart your system and then try to run the Avast Antivirus again.

This is it, you’re done! We’re pretty sure if the above solution doesn’t work, then Avast’s reinstall would definitely correct the Avast Antivirus ‘ UI Failed to load’ error.

If the software still doesn’t work and the window screen crashes, you won’t be able to contact experts. Avast Customer Service.

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