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How To Restart Your Android Smartphone When Power Button Is Broken

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There are times when software or hardware can crash. In many situations the power button can be unresponsive.There are many ways to reboot Android devices when power buttons don’t work properly or fail
How To Restart Your Android Smartphone When Power Button Is Broken

A broken power button doesn’t have to mean it is the demise of a mobile device. Here are some ideas to help to restart your phone without the power button and continue to use it as usual.

How To Restart Your Android Smartphone?

Method#1 Connect It To PC/Charger

Connect your phone to your PC via the USB cable or to a charger and wait for it to charge a little bit. The mobile is likely to restart its own. This could work on very few phones.

Method#2 Use of Volume Button & Home Hard Keys

If you have a broken power button on your Android phone but you have a physical home button that you
can press, it will turn on the following key combination.
Volume Keys + Home Button

Method#3 Hard press of Volume Buttons

Not all smartphones have a physical home button. Link your phone to your PC via USB cable in such cases by holding down the volume button until you see a boot screen. Once the menu appears, by navigating with the volume keys of your phones, pick the’ Start’ menu and your mobile will turn on. Make sure that your phone battery has enough charge to actually run the process.

Method#4 Restart with ADB (USB debugging Enabled)

If it still don’t work with any of the hard keys on your phone, you’ll have to boot using ADB. Start the phone to Bootloader, when ADB and Fastboot tools have been downloaded
Note: You need to make sure that your mobile has already switched on the USB debugging feature

You can easily do this by following these steps and restart phone without power button.

Download Android Studio and SDK tools from its official developer website to your system.
✓Navigate to directory where ADB is installed.
✓Navigate to the respective location of your ADB directory by opening the command prompt.
✓Simple connect your phone to your system using a USB cable.
✓Type “adb devices” in the command prompt to get device’s ID and name.
Note: If the device ID is not displayed, then either the drivers of your computer are not installed or its USB debugging feature is not enabled.
✓Replace device ID with your device ID and input the following command in command promt to restart your device. 
“adb –s reboot”
Note: You can also provide “adb reboot” command in command prompt to simply restart your phone.
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