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WhatsApp To Limit Message Forwarding From Today

Despite heightened scrutiny of the ability of private message apps to spread misinformation related to the coronavirus pandemic, WhatsApp said on Tuesday it would set new limitations on message forwarding.
WhatsApp To Limit Message Forwarding From Today

On Tuesday, a popular messaging site operated by Facebook announced it had placed limits on regularly exchanged messages to one chat at a time.
WhatsApp that has more than 2 billion users around the world. Two years ago, a user was able to transfer a message along to 250 groups at once, with each group being able to host hundreds of users. Last year, which limited the number of times people were able to send regularly sent messages to five chats at once.
“That idea involves displaying a magnifying glass icon next to these frequently forwarded messages, giving users the option to send that message to a web search where they can find news results or other sources of information. Double-checking these messages before forwarding may help reduce the spread of rumours. This feature is currently in testing and we’ll keep you updated on next steps,” Mentioned in WhatsApp blog post.
Due to the spread of coronavirus and the lockdowns enforced in many countries like India, several people are staying at home, WhatsApp forwards have increased to new heights. And, adding on to it the limitation applies only to messages that were already sent five or more times.
With the advent of the coronavirus epidemic, Facebook’s parent company WhatsApp has faced an explosion of disinformation about the virus that is proliferating on its platforms. The organization has introduced stricter rules for Facebook and Instagram on blocking or deleting posts containing misinformation.
The reform is a positive move as it will definitely affect the spread of fake news, which is very popular on the instant messaging platform thanks to its growing user base of over two billion users worldwide with over 400 million users alone in Nigeria 🇳🇬 
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