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Google Assistant Now Officially Supports TVs & Media Remotes

Google Assistant has recently introduced support for TVs, set-top boxes and remote media so computer makers can easily incorporate the Google Assistant into their devices.
Google Assistant Now Officially Supports TVs & Media Remotes

It is the first time Google Assistant has made the support for the three types of devices publicly known.

The virtual assistant had been already available for 60 types of computers, such as Android TVs, smart TV boxes, remote systems from Logitech Harmony, Roku Smart TV set, and more.

Finally, the documentation was added so that any system maker could check it and know how to execute it properly.

It has incorporated TVs will allow the experienced colleague to turn on/off the gadget, monitor volume, select mode, switch apps and that’s just the beginning. Set-top boxes and screen remotes will operate likewise.

Remote helper Google currently supports approximately 70 types of gadgets. Those include water purifiers, refrigerators, pressure cookers, lamps, fans, inlets, walls, and even baths.

With the latest launch in the coming months, we can expect to see native Google Assistant support in more TV models, remotes, and media players.

Google Assistant has also added a COVID-19 warning card according to the article not too long ago. This shows customers vital data relating to the disease.

This can be reached by opening the app, or by clicking on Google’s search bar on the latest model.
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