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Google Will Now Alert You If The Search Results Aren’t Adequate

On 23rd Google’s search giant introduced a new feature for its search engine that will now proactively alert you when it feels your search results does not have good results.
Google Will Now Alert You If The Search Results Aren’t Adequate

Google will prompt a message that reads, “It looks like there are no great matches for your quest,” before showing users the search results. Google will also provide some other similar search options for its question along with this post.
“Starting today in the U.S., we’re rolling out a new message that lets you know when Google hasn’t been able to find anything that matches your search particularly well. While you can still go through the results to see for yourself if they’re helpful, the message is a signal that we probably haven’t found what you’re looking for.””Elizabeth Tucker, a Product Manager at Google wrote in a blog post.
Although Google will also encourage users to click through the results and see if they’re useful and them, the message will be an alert to let them know that what they’re searching for was possibly not found by the search giant.
“When possible, the feature will also provide some alternative searches as well as tips on how you could reformulate your query to better find the information you seek.”Elizabeth Tucker, a Product Manager further added.
The feature doesn’t appear every time and the purpose of this feature is that Google Search can help users find good results on what they are searching for.
The company feels that the feature should be a useful addition. Nevertheless, realizing that a response isn’t out there can be just as helpful as seeking the answer first.
Although this is a launch-only product in the U.S., Google will likely carry it out in the coming year to other countries around the world.
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