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How Do I Delete my Zoom Account

As citizens across the globe work from home, video conferencing app Zoom has gained popularity. But Zoom has recently been grappling with a host of security issues and more and more organizations and organizations have either banned the video chatting software or warned people not to use it for meetings that require users to find an alternative.
How Do I Delete my Zoom Account

Those who are looking to leave the platform may wonder how to uninstall a Zoom account and we’re here today to show you how it’s done.

 How to delete a Zoom account?
Visit the website and sign into your Zoom account.
Go to the Admin section to the left and click on Account management and then click on Account profile.
Select Terminate my account and confirm by clicking Yes.
You will be logged out and your Zoom account should now be deleted.

Now that you’ve eliminated all traces of yourself from the Zoom universe, you can continue with removing the Zoom apps from all your accounts. If you have a Zoom feature built in your Chrome or other browsers, delete it for good measure too.

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