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Best File Transfer Apps For Android

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File transfer app for android - We have come to a time when speed is the order of the day. This does not apply to our everyday life but to file sharing between devices. File transfer has evolved from IR beam to more faster technology WiFi included. While Bluetooth was popular some years ago, WiFi has taken over. With WiFi, it is possible to transfer files with a speed of up to 100 MB/second. The app listed her will let you transfer apps, photos, videos, documents in no time
5 Best File Transfer Apps for Android
5 Best File Transfer Apps for Android

Best File Transfer Apps for Android

1. SHAREit

5 Best File Transfer Apps for Android
The app called SHAREit allows you to share files that include photos, videos, apps, and others. It is one of the people’s favorite apps for transferring over WiFi. The app boasts of transferring files at a speed of 20Mbps. To transfer, the two devices have to be connected and files to be transferred are shown. This makes it easy for the receiver to choose the files they want in their device without seeking further approval from the sender. Another good thing about the app is that it features CLONEit which lets you copy data from sender’s device. You can connect with your PC and transfer by installing its PC software.

2. Send Anywhere

5 Best File Transfer Apps for Android
This is another file-sharing app that works like SHAREit. You can transfer data via WiFi and you can do it for free. Files will be received just the way they were sent. No modifications, no data loss. Sending files requires you scanning a QR code or inputting a 6 digit number generated by the Send Anywhere app. You can only send files by granting the app storage access. If the app doesn’t get this permission, it won’t work. The app is beautiful in interface with a tabbed structure. Your 2G/3G/4G does not need to be on for it to function.

3. SuperBeam

5 Best File Transfer Apps for Android
Another best file transfer software for Android is SuperBeam. It allows the sharing of files between two devices via WiFi. With it, sharing and transfers are fast and easy to do. To connect, simply scan the QR code or enter the sharing key manually. You can monitor and track every transfer you’ve done. Superbeam allows you to also transfer more than one file of different formats such as contacts, pictures, videos, movies, and documents. Different color themes like light, dark and AMOLED are supported which is not common to other sharing apps.

4. Xender

5 Best File Transfer Apps for Android
5 Best File Transfer Apps for Android
Xender is popular and known to be great for sharing apps and other files. It transfers files at an excellent speed. Sharing of files can be done between four devices simultaneously. You can make the transfer of files to and from your device by using the gesture of dragging and dropping. It is a cross-platform app that can let you transfer between Android, iOS, Windows, etc. You can connect with your PC and share data without installing any PC side software. The app works free and has a user-friendly interface.

5. Zapya

5 Best File Transfer Apps for Android
Zapya works as a cross-platform app for transferring files amongst devices. Zapya’s developers say it had a user base of 400+ million users. What the app does to send or receive files is to scan the QR code generated by the app so that it can connect with the other device. Zapya enables you to send files to up to four devices at a time. You can also dictate the WiFi bandwidth it should use. You can connect and chat with friends within a radius of 100 feet in offline mode. You can also transfer via Bluetooth especially if the WiFi module in your device is not functioning.
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