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How To Accumulate Latest MyMTN Free 200MB To 40GB Or More

MTN was actually trying to do good to her customers by dashing out free 200MB. But we found a loophole there which will help us accumulate it to over 40GB data or more if you follow the procedures well.
How to Accumulate Latest MyMTN Free 200MB to 40GB Or More
How To Get MTN Latest Free Data Accumulation Cheat 2020 [MyMTNApp] 
The reason behind this free MTN 40GB or more dats is to download MyMTN App, but you can also use the data to browse and download on any website or apps
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without having to say much, this latest MTN free data MyMTNApp Accumulation cheat was discovered few days again today I will be sharing you steps and video tutorial here

How To Get MTN Latest Free Data Accumulation Cheat 2020 [MyMTNApp] 
It's easy, simply requirements to get the latest mtn free data accumulation cheat 2020 upto 20GB plus data
->Two MTN sims ( New or Old) but ensure one amongst the two haven't been used on MyMTNApp before.

Due to a loophole found, this free 200mb data can be increased up to 40GB . Simply follow the below steps to do this.
->Now login to MyMTNApp with the first sim that has been registered on the app before now.
->Input OTP and proceed
After you have successfully been signed in, now click on the menu tab that can be located at the top left Corner of the MyMTNApp home screen.
->Now locate and find menu option for Free Data and simply tap on it. 
->You will be provided with a page to invite new numbers to join MyMTNApp. 
->Simply input the new number ( the second number that has not been registered on the MyMTNApp before).
On successfull invitation, you should be given free 200MB when the person you referred registers on the app


->simply Logout from the app and login into the MyMTNApp with the second sim which you just invited.
->Now Request for OTP and it should be automatically inputted and log you in, of not input the OTP manually and tap on Proceed. 
->Now you should see a pop up message on the screen (Please don't rush)
->Don't be tensed, here comes the accumulation process of upto 20GB free mtn data, so be guided
->Read the message and simply tap on the Remind me later button and quickly tap on the back button immediately.. Don't allow ot the load finish!


That is about that you can just keep doing that to get your free mtn 40GB Wow huge data right. 
I think this video tutorial will help more better

Have any questions, please do well to ask us using the comment box below.
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