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Microsoft Renames Windows Insider ‘Rings’ As ‘Channels’

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Microsoft begins switching to its new Windows Insider channel names In an effort to streamline problems across entirely different platforms, Microsoft is making major changes to the Home windows insider software. Home windows 10 Insider Rings at the moment are classified as Channels due to the latest changes.
Microsoft Renames Windows Insider ‘Rings’ As ‘Channels’
“We are transitioning and converting our current ring model, based on the frequency of builds, to a new channel model that pivots on the quality of builds and better supports parallel coding efforts,” said Windows Insider chief and Principal Program Manager Lead Amanda Langowski in a blog post today. “Our intention is to ensure Insiders will continue to receive frequent updates no matter which channel they’ve chosen.”

Until now, Windows Insider had so-called rings which released new Windows 10 builds. There was the Fast Ring, the Slow Ring and the Preview Ring for the Release – and a Skip Ahead Ring meanwhile.

The Fast Ring (and former Skip Ahead Ring) will jointly become known as the Dev Channel later this month. The slow ring becomes the beta channel, and the release preview ring becomes the channel for the release preview.

The Dev Channel is designed for users who want to access new features very early, which isn’t all that different from fast rings, but what’s crucial here is that this channel isn’t tied to any particular update. New features in this channel will make room for updates until they’re ready, whether as part of a major update or as part of a service upgrade.

So far as the Beta Channel is concerned, the biggest difference here is that it is just the trial edition of a single product and intended for early adopters. And the Release Preview is just what you’d think of it, which was intended to check fairly stable builds before releasing them to the broader Windows 10 user base.

In a blog post published Monday the software giant said the new model will focus less on the frequency of each build and more on the quality beyond the name change. The aim is to help existing insiders and new joiners select the proper build experience for them.

Overall, Microsoft is trying to clear up the mess that was created automatically over the past few years. The company was releasing 20H1, 19H2, and 19H1 builds simultaneously via various rings at one time.
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