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Twitter To Start Testing Its Ad-Free Subscription Based Service

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Twitter, one of the most popular websites for microblogging and can you pay for an Ad-Free version? Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has given details on the alleged launch of a microblogging service subscription program.
Twitter To Start Testing Its Ad-Free Subscription Based Service
Twitter To Start Testing Its Ad-Free Subscription Based Service
A subscription scheme is obviously only one of the new systems being discussed to supplement the current ad-based revenue stream on Twitter.

The company recently posted a job listing announcing Gryphon, described as “building a subscription network, one that will be able to be replicated by other teams in the future.”

It has clearly demonstrated that team Gryphon would be a bunch of web developers working with the Twitter payment team to build a service focused on subscription.

For years , the concept of a Twitter subscription product has been debated as an alternative to existing advertisement and data-driven businesses within the web.

Ad revenue is taking a hit during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and subscriptions are one way to do that, frequently requesting potential consumers for a fee of some amount.

The subscription model has worked out there for a number of different companies and now it looks as if Twitter is also about to start looking into the idea.

Dorsey went on to suggest that it would supplement the regular advertising company by adding a subscription service. Whether or not this means Twitter can leave certain parts of the social network available to everyone, free of charge, and then lock other components or functions this remain to be seen behind a paywall.

Should you ever consider charging some subscription fee while using Twitter? If so, how can you believe the social network to carry it out? In the comments please let us know.

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