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YouTube Hit For Not Protecting Copyrights With Class Action Lawsuit

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Grammy award-winning jazz composer Maria Schneider alleges that YouTube copyright enforcement system disproportionately protects large studios and record labels while denying any meaningful opportunity for less powerful creators to protect their original works from violations.
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YouTube Hit For Not Protecting Copyrights With Class Action Lawsuit

“YouTube, the largest video-sharing website in the world, is replete with videos infringing on the rights of copyright holders. YouTube has facilitated and induced this hotbed of copyright infringement through its development and implementation of a copyright enforcement system that protects only the most powerful copyright owners such as major studios and record labels,” states the 44-page complaint.

According to the report, YouTube’s copyright infringement enforcement scheme protects “creative industry behemoths” such as major studios and record labels, but leaves small producers like her to fend after themselves essentially.

YouTube has repeatedly argued that it has shielded the rights holders from copyright infringement claims under America’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA). Schneider claims, however, that YouTube’s infringing domain non-content ID schemes are inadequate for the organization to enjoy safe harbor protection under DCMA laws.

YouTube have refused to comment on the suit. But the company maintains that it is committed to protecting the rights of intellectual property and to halt privacy.

Schneider also calls for cash damages, commissions, costs and expenses for lawyers, and an order that orders Google to give content providers better equipment for monitoring copyright infringements. She has also asked the court to make the case a class action involving other providers of YouTube content.

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