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Twitter Is Reportedly Planning To Buy TikTok

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Twitter is apparently interested in buying TikTok, too - Now a giant of social media ‘Twitter’ allegedly joined a giant of software in an attempt albeit a longshot one to acquire another giant of social media, TikTok.
Twitter reportedly enters running to buy TikTok app
Twitter reportedly enters running to buy TikTok app
Twitter has been conducting a “preliminary talks” with TikTok to combine its company with the Chinese app, according to a Wall Street Journal article.

As far as bidding for TikTok goes, Twitter is currently seen as a long-shot, particularly because the company is significantly smaller than Microsoft. It is worth noting, however, that reports suggest that Microsoft may face more security scrutiny than Twitter, a company that already has an existing social media platform.

At the same time, Trump has set a deadline for the company’s acquisition if it wishes to continue operating in the United States, which expires on September 15.

It is alleged that TikTok could send user data to the Chinese government on its mainly young American user base, an accusation that TikTok has strongly refuted. TikTok has also said it stores all US user data in the US and does not share it with the Chinese government.

According to Reuters the problem for Twitter is going to be money. Without getting too much into the weeds, Twitter isn’t worth almost as much as Microsoft, currently the prohibitive favorite to acquire TikTok ‘s state-side operations.

If Twitter wishes to outbid the business behind Windows, Office, and Xbox, it needs to shore up financial partners help before the deadline of September 15.

Twitter’s interest in TikTok in the short video app niche could be linked to its failure. Vine, a short video creator app, was acquired by the social media giant in 2012, but was unable to bring popularity to the company and eventually shut it down four years later.

The only company so far to publicly acknowledge that was for a possible acquisition in talks with TikTok owner ByteDance. In a bid for TikTok, Twitter would be considered a long-shot with Microsoft likely to be the front runner in any deal.

Twitter isn’t the only organization that has shown interest in buying US business from TikTok. It is said that Apple, Facebook , Google, Twitter and Microsoft compete to purchase TikTok, but only Microsoft has openly accepted that it is a “potential” buyer
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