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WhatsApp Launches Search the Web Feature To Fight Misinformation

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WhatsApp continues war against fake news; Launches Search the Web feature -WhatsApp one of the planet’s most influential instant messaging sites, has officially rolled out a long-speculated ‘Search the Web’ feature to battle bogus news and misinformation. WhatsApp wants its users to carefully scan through the viral message before automatically sending it to them.
WhatsApp launches ‘Search the Web’ feature,
WhatsApp Launches Search the Web Feature To Fight Misinformation

    The Facebook allowed users in Brazil, Italy , Ireland, Mexico, Spain, UK. And the U.S. clicks on a glass-shaped magnifying icon next to regularly forwarded messages those sent at least five times to check and validate their content on the site.
    WhatsApp announced the feature via a blog post, stating, “Providing a simpler way to search for messages sent forward multiple times helps people search for news results or other sources of information about the content they receive Can help. ”
    Fake news on WhatsApp is a big problem and it’s becoming much more dangerous now with the coronavirus pandemic. WhatsApp had received a bot from the World Health Organization (WHO) in March that provided newest information to customers about the coronavirus pandemic and its related bust myths.

    WhatsApp lets you see if a message has been sent to you through the forwarded icon, which is visible at the top of the post. WhatsApp also set a cap earlier this year for how many times a message can be forwarded.

    How to Use Search the Web Feature

    Users will see a magnifying glass icon next to the frequently forwarded messages and they can tap on the button to launch a search on the web to verify or double-check the content

    The functionality, which is available via Android , iOS, and Web apps from WhatsApp, is in the pilot stage, the messaging platform said.

    How soon WhatsApp intends to roll this feature, which it started testing several months ago, out to users around the globe, remains unclear.


    • Search the Web will let you check the authenticity of a message
    • It will also help fight misinformation related to COVID-19
    • The feature is rolling out in select countries right now
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