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Download Universal Copy Plus v5.2.1 APK (MOD) 2021

Universal Copy Plus 5.2.1 - Download text copy program from any program for AndroidUnlocked Plus version and full
Universal Copy Plus
 Universal Copy Plus v5..2.1 - Download text copy program from any program for AndroidUnlocked Plus version and full Universal Copy Plus is an application for copying text from any application by which you can copy text from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, copy text from Instagram, SnapChat, Tumblr and.. 
Sometimes you want to copy text from an app or image, but you can not use the long Android default touch. In these cases, the Universal Copy program will help you. In each program, enable Universal Copy mode and select the text you want to copy.Using OCR mode, you can even copy text (Latin characters only) from images or any program that the normal mode developer has blocked (such as facebook lite and…). In fact, you can easily copy the text from the photo. This program allows you to copy text without having to use the long touch function. This Android track copy software has been developed and published by Camel

How to work with Universal Copy Plus 

  1. Download and install the application
  2. Activate the Universal Copy access service (Settings> Accessibility) - (Settings> Accessibility)
  3.  To the application (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other application) that If you want to copy the text from it go.
  4. Open your notification drawer and click on "Activate Universal Copy mode"
  5.  Texts that you will be able to copy will be light blue.
  6. Touch the text you want to copy until it turns blue.
  7.  Finally click on Copy.If no text is seen in step 5, you can change the program from normal to OCR mode. OCR Mode lets you copy text from applications that do not normally work (thanks to OCR character recognition technology).

What is new version 5.2.1

The 5.2.1 version enables you to scroll and capture all the content of any app!In the Universal Copy screen, click on the "Scroll" icon and use the two following scroll modes:- Auto scroll (by default): scroll the page and UC will relaunch automatically allowing you to copy all the texts you want!- Manual scroll: scroll the page, and when you are ready click the "Stop" button. UC will let you select the content you want to copy.On top of that, the Scanner Mode is now free (with ads)!
Universal Copy Plus

Download last version Download Universal Copy Plus v5.2.1 APK (MOD)

Download Apk HereHere  | Downloader Apk Here
Universal Copy Plus

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