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How to Get Free 10GB Data on Glo Network (upgrade to 4G)

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Upgrade to 4G, enjoy free 10 GB data, 25% extra data on recharge, Glo tells 3G customers
Grandmasters of data, Globacom has announced data gifts to its 3G customers who upgrade to 4G while promising them faster, more seamless experience on the 4G LTE network.
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Globacom, which launched the national 4 G LTE network in October 2016, has expanded the network to more smaller cities and towns in the nation to date.
This means that if you are already using a 3G Glo SIM, visit any Glo experience shop, Glo world, and Glozone around the country and execute a 4 G SIM swap and you can obtain 10GB of free data that can be used on any computer.

How to Get Free 10GB Data on Glo Network

According to Globacom, "The validity of the 25 percent additional data is determined by the customer's ordered data package, while the 10GB of free data is available for 7 days."
Your tariff package will not be affected by the update as a customer, but you will reap all the advantages attributable to the 4 G SIM upgrade as well as the perks of their chosen tariff profile.

MTN NG promised the same 10GB free deal to switch to 4G SIM to all MTN subscribers already on 3G network SIM earlier in May this year, but it seems that the offer is no longer valid to MTN subscribers.

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