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WhatsApp Web: how to use two accounts on the PC

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It is normal nowadays to see individuals who have more than one WhatsApp account, one of which ends up being personal and the other technical. The device only requires one of them to be linked to a computer as a rule, but what to do when both of them need to be involved at the same time?
WhatsApp Web: how to use two accounts on the PC

    WhatsApp Web

    We are going to show you a simple and practical way to link two accounts on your PC at the same time. For any browser, the method below works, so just select the one you like best and add the step by step you follow.

    How to use two accounts on WhatsApp Web

    • You can first use your preferred browser and log in to the WhatsApp website normally (just check the QR code that appears on your smartphone screen);
    •  If you open a chat in any of the other tabs in the same window, you'll find that it leaves you in the same previously viewed account. In this case, an anonymous tab needs to be opened (in the case of Google Chrome, for example, just press the Ctrl + Shift + N keys simultaneously or access the three-dot menu in the upper right corner and pick this option);
    • Simply sign into your second account with the latest anonymous tab,Continue to use the service. This extends to any browser, because the WhatsApp framework does not monitor the tabs of the genre and, because of this, allows you to open more than one account at a time.

    An important reminder is that you can also use two different browsers if you have more than one installed on your computer, as the application’s system will also not be able to track the activities in two different software (there is the possibility to open two different WhatsApp accounts this time) way, one of them in Chrome and the other in Firefox, for example).

    Other tips - How to use two accounts on the PC

    In addition to the tips you reviewed above, know that here at TecMundo we have other guides to illustrate more features relevant to the chat app-you can use WhatsApp Web on your phone, for example (instead of using a computer for this process), and even the correct way to detach your account from a computer, which is quite helpful in shared device cases.

    Finally, we can also include in this list a guide for you to listen to audios sent on WhatsApp without the person who sent you viewing this action.
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