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African Merchants Can Now Receive Payments on PayPal

Flutterwave teams up with Paypal to make it easier for African businesses to accept and make payments

Send and receive PayPal with Flutterwave - Until now, it has been difficult for African businesses to accept payment through PayPal, but that appears to be changing now that Flutterwave has partnered with PayPal to enable African merchants to accept payment via its platform.
African Merchants Can Now Receive Payments on PayPal

    Flutterwave today is announcing a collaboration with PayPal to allow PayPal customers globally to pay African merchants through its ‘Pay with PayPal’ feature.

    African companies will connect with the more than 377 million PayPal accounts worldwide via this collaboration, addressing the challenges faced by the continent's highly fragmented and complex payment and banking infrastructure.

    According to a statement by Flutterwave, the integration with PayPal is live and operational across 50 African countries and worldwide.
    The PayPal integration, in particular, opens African SMEs and freelancers up to more international demand.

    How to Activate Pay with PayPal Feature on Flutterwave

    If you're not already a Flutterwave regular, you'll need to sign up for an account here.
    Next, go into your dashboard, and follow the instructions on how to enable a payment method. 
    1. First, click on account settings
    2. Enable dashboard payment options 
    3. Select PayPal from the list of options and that’s all.
    PayPal will then appear as an option on your checkout page, and your customers can use it to complete their transaction.

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