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Android 12: Feature Of macOS And Windows Is Just Around The Corner

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Google Gives Android 12 A Function That Windows Has Had For Decades

Has Google oriented itself towards Windows and macOS here? You can look forward to a useful feature of Android 12 that can rescue data if you accidentally delete it.
Android 12: Feature of macOS And Windows Is Just Around The Corner
What has long been standard on the PC and Mac could also find its place in Android 12 in the future: a recycle bin. Strictly speaking, there is already a trash folder on Android. You can only reach it via file manager apps, in which it is usually well hidden. So you should think twice about whether you really want to delete pictures, videos and the like. They can usually be restored , but often only with cumbersome detours.

According to rumors, Google is now planning to install a visible recycle bin in Android 12, which you can use to access deleted documents in a few simple steps. Here you can not only see how many files are in the folder, but you can also permanently remove all of them from your smartphone in one fell swoop. All files that have been in the Recycle Bin for 30 days are automatically deleted. How exactly the data can be restored is not clear from the screenshots. However, Google may reveal more about Android 12 at the Google I / O developer conference on May 18 and explain the feature in more detail.

Apple users are already familiar with such a recycle bin for their smartphone. On iOS, the "Recently Deleted" folder is located in the Photos app, in which the images are saved for a while before they are permanently deleted. Recovering deleted photos is much easier than with many Android devices.

We also know that about Android 12

Traditionally, Google publishes the new version of the operating system in September, probably including Android 12. The search engine giant has made data protection a priority for the OS successor. This will make it easier for you to see in the future where your data is going and how you can prevent it.
Android 12: Feature of macOS And Windows Is Just Around The Corner
In addition, your WLAN access should be easier to share without giving out the password. Google plans to include the option in its Nearby feature so that access can be passed on with the push of a button. In addition, optimized gestures, a smoother system and faster switching between two audio sources are planned.

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