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[BM WA iOS X] - Download BMWhatsApp APK V8.72 iOS Edition Latest Version

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BMWhatsApp APK V8.86 iOS Edition Latest Version Download

BM WA 1 , BM WA 2 , BM WA 3, GB iOS - Anti-Ban V8.86- the new bm whatsapp ios,BMWhatsApp APK {BM WA iOS X} is another WhatsApp Mod with features just like the RAWhatsApp.It is another WhatsApp mod that comes with iOS styled UI.This app gives you the feel and look of WhatsApp running an iOS device
[BM WA iOS X] - Download BMWhatsApp APK V8.71 iOS Edition Latest Version

    If you want your WhatsApp on Android to look like that on an iPhone or iPad, then you have to try the bm whatsapp ios. It has a new update which brings features such as new emojis, cover photo profile and lots more.

    Bm whatsapp ios,BM iOS X comes in three versions of the official alternative version,and two versions beside the official,with great features and all the features of whatsapp plus and the real iphone,and much much more.

    BMWhatsApp APK V8.86 iOS Edition New Features

    • Ban proof.
    • Supports calls.
    • Emojis Changer!
    • Zoom for profiles footage.
    • Privacy mods: Hide the “Last seen”.
    • Themes mods and Theme Server ( to download/apply themes ).
    • Amendment ticks/bubbles vogue Mod.
    • Counter statistics for group.
    • Media preview without loading.
    • Show Online/last Seen in Main Screen.
    • Increase video size sending from 16 MB to 30 MB.
    • Image sending increases from 10 pictures to 90.
    • Increase status words from 139 characters to 250.
    • Ability to proceed links on chat screen while not saving sender variety or cluster admin variety.
    • Ability to press in links on your friends status without effort.
    • The chance of identifying between traditional and broadcast messages.
    • Hide the name and the date while copying to another chat user.
    • Copy and Paste status.
    • Added more docs file support pdf, xls, txt, doc, ppt, vcard, xlsx, txt, rtf, docx, pptx ,and zip.

    What is New On BMWhatsApp APK V8.86 ios Edition

    Base Update

    • New                         Online/Offline Dot
    • New                               Voice Changer
    • New                                Mention Mark
    • New                         Mention Indicator
    • New Confirm Before Sending Sticker
    • New              Show/Hide Icon Search
    • New                       Attachment Picker
    • New                              5 Entries Style
    • New                            16 Bubble Style
    • New                               14 Ticks Style
    • New            Removed Listview Effect
    • New Removed Status Custom Color
    • Fixed          Custom Wallpaper
    • Fixed            App Not Installed
    • Fixed Crash Animated Sticker
    • Fixed                          And More
    • New                 Design One UI
    • New                     Font design
    • New             Boom massege
    • Fixed Solve the problem of involving you in any group with anger
    • Fixed     Anti ban & anti virus
    • Point        Styles for IG Story
    • Extend              Without update for (35) years ago
    • New                      Styles UI Design for Bottom Bar
    • New Chat format is similar to the iPhone system
    • New                                            All privacy features
    • Added  Backup, restore and direct access options
    • New             On/Off Archived Chats Home Screen
    • New Add a special section for paid programs with settings
    • Added                       New design for main settings
    • New                                 Removed Widget Toolbar
    • New Added an option to raise the number of group message lists and groups to 1024 participants
    • New The application deadline after 35 years will be challenging on 1/3/2055
    • Added                                Option to Enable 5-min status/story
    • Added Option to Increase forward limit to 250! (instead of 5)
    • Added Increased Delete message time (delete for everyone) to 100 days!
    • Fixed                   DPI Bottom Bar
    • Fixed Wallpaper Toolbar One UI
    • Fixed                    Text Bold Title

    Download BMWhatsApp APK V8.86 iOS Edition Latest Version
    [BM WA iOS X] - Download BMWhatsApp APK V8.71 iOS Edition Latest Version

    You can now download the BMWhatsApp APK with the IOS THEME WITE and IOS THEME RED

    Download Now

    After download above versions and tap to install the downloaded apk file

    How To Download And Install BMWhatsApp {BM WA iOS X} On Android?

    • Make sure you have enough specs on your Android phone.
    • Enable installation from Unknown sources on your phone. Go to Setting < Security.
    • You can now download the Whatsapp and install it. Launched it and use your mobile number. You can use the previous WhatsApp to restore your backup.

    Please don't forget to leave a comment below if it works for you. And don't forget to share this post with your friends.
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