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Huawei Gives Free 50GB Cloud Storage To Its customers

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How To Get Free 50GB Cloud Storage For Huawei Users: 500,000 Users Infected by Joker Malware

For those that still have their Huawei phones, there is now a way to avail a free 50GB cloud storage! Memory can be a huge problem these days as files get heavier and heavier but for Huawei users that meet the criteria, free 50GB of cloud storage will be given to them.
Huawei Gives Free 50GB Cloud Storage To Its customers
A Little Extra Care - for your new and existing smartphone
In other news, the Joker Malware has just infected 500,000 Huawei Android users
Huawei's 'A Little Extra Care' promotion will run until June 30

New Huawei Campaign Extends Smartphone Warranty, Gives Free Cloud Storage

Huawei has launched a new 'A Little Extra Care' campaign to reward current smartphone customers and attract new ones. It offers perks like warranty extension and free cloud storage. 

Huawei Free Cloud Storage

The Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has just recently launched a brand new promotional campaign that will reward not just the existing customers but also new ones with a wide range of discounts and benefits. This would include giving its users a free 50GB of cloud storage for them to use as they please.
According to the HUAWEI, the new "A Little Extra Care" promotion is set to run from now up until June 30 and will give Huawei users an extended warranty as well as the Huawei Mobile Cloud storage space to 50GB cloud storage. In addition, the users will also be getting VIP access to its very own entertainment streaming services like Huawei Video and Huawei Music

In order to avail the free 50GB cloud storage, the existing Huawei customers have to make sure that their devices still remain under warranty. If they do quality, they will then be getting an additional six months added to their current warranty. All of the newly purchased Huawei phones will also be getting another additional six months added to their existing warranty.

500,000 Huawei Users Have Been Compromised

Over 500,000 Huawei users have reportedly downloaded from the official Android store certain applications that were infected with the Joker Malware. This malware would subscribe users to premium mobile services.

Malware That Gives Premium Service Access

 To hide the maliciousness from users, the infected apps would then request access to the devices' notifications. This would allow them to easily intercept the confirmation codes that are delivered through SMS by the said subscription service.

Researchers also said that the malware could subscribe a particular user to a maximum of five different services
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