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Guide To Turn Older Galaxy Phones Into A Smart Home Device

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Samsung Launches Software Update To Turn 0lder Galaxy Phones Into  A Smart Home Device

Samsung's Galaxy Upcycling software allows you to transform your old Galaxy gadgets into smart home control devices.
Turn your old Samsung Galaxy phone into a smart home device — here’s how/Guide To Turn Older Galaxy Phones Into A Smart Home Device,
With new smartphones being released on a regular basis, consumers are inevitably faced with the question of what to do with their old devices when it's time to update. Samsung has revealed that its Galaxy Upcycling service will be expanded to enable owners of old Galaxy phones to upgrade their handsets into smart home phones.

The upgrade is accomplished by a software update, which allows you to use your old phone as a baby monitor, pet camera, lighting hub, or thermostat controller, among other things. This latest Galaxy Upcycling at Home campaign is launching as a pilot program in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Korea today (April 21).

Samsung's upgrade includes SmartThings Labs, which you can access via the SmartThings software on your Galaxy computer. The software employs artificial intelligence to assist users in distinguishing between various kinds of sounds in a number of cases, as well as allowing users to save specific sounds. That means the app could sense everything from banging to babies crying and everything in between. It will deliver a notification to the user's mobile, allowing them to listen in to what's going on and take appropriate action if possible.

Users can also use Samsung's software to transform older devices into light sensors that can detect the level of brightness in a room. This can be used to set the system to switch lights or the TV on or off automatically depending on the light level. Samsung's update includes power optimization for gadgets connecting to the SmartThings ecosystem to help with the possible battery drain.

Samsung's latest platform seems to be a decent choice for those looking to upgrade their phone without trading it in for a refund or selling it. Samsung claims that the Galaxy Upcycling at Home feature will work on all Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Z models launched since 2018 that run Android 9 or greater. That means the latest program available via the SmartThings app can run with the Galaxy S9, Note 9 or later. In the future, Samsung plans to add support for more smartphones.
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